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Brazil and USA Soybean Exports

Brazil and USA Soybean Exports

Viyas Group is one of the Supplier of Brazil and USA soybean in India. Mainly,  the Soybean we supply is for GMO and Non GMO used for animal feed as well as for human consumption. Viyas Group is supplier and exporter of Soybean to China and African Countries. Shipping will be done on bulk basis only. MOQ: 12,500MT x 12 months. 

Contact / +91-7010225247 for Quote

We accept CIF Terms. Payment term is 100% Non Transferable, Unconditional, Documentary Letter of Credit from Prime 25 banks.

Specifications of GMO and Non GMO Brazil and USA Soybean

Origin:                               USA/South America

Test Weight:                     54 lbs / bu

Protein:                             35% Min

Moisture:                          14% Max.

Foreign Matter:               1% basis; 2% Max

Poisonous seed/husks:    None

Oil Content:                     18.5% Basis

Splits:                                 20% Max

Other Color:                    2% Max

Damaged Beans:             3% Max

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