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Dry Red Chilli Exports

Red Chilli supply and exports

There are several varieties of Indian Chilli - the most popular are Sanam, Teja, Byadgie, 273, Wonder Hot, 334, Mundu and Tomato chillies. Indian chillies have many uses including: food, confectionery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, farm protection, paint manufacturing, liquor and self defense weapons.  

Indian chillies are available with different levels of spiciness ranging from high to sweet. The color from deep red to light red. Harvest of the chillies in India is between Jan & April. 

We are leading dried red chili supplier and exporter from India. 

Packing: New Jute Gunny Bags (5kg)

Minimum order quantity: 14 Metric tons ( 1 x 40 FT Container)


Contact / +91-7010225247 for Quote

We do FOB and CIF Terms. Payment is  100% advance. 

Information: Drinking water is an ineffective way of extinguishing the burning sensation from eating chillies and in fact this will intensify it.  Foods rich in fat, like milk and yoghurt eliminates the capsaicinoids that create the burning sensation. This is why yoghurt accompanies many Indian dishes.

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