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Jasmine Rice Supply and Exports

Thailand and Vietnam Origin Jasmine Rice exports

Viya's Group is one among the supplier of Thailand and Vietnam origin Jasmine Rice from India. We source rice from Vietnam and Thailand. We supply minimum 260MT to 25,000MT per month. We accept Spot and Yearly contract. Viya's Group supply the rice to mostly to USA, Europe, UAE and Africa. Supply will be available from Vietnam. 


The commodity shall be corresponding as per inspection certificate issued by SGS at port of loading, conforming to the following international standards and specifications, fit for human consumption.


Contact / +91-7010225247 for Quote

We accept 100% irrevocable, transferrable/ non transferrable, divisible, DLC and SBLC from prime banks or confirmed by prime banks. 

Jasmine Rice Specification

Foreign Matter:                                0.20% Max
Broken & Fragments:                      5% Max
Immature grains:                              0.10% Max
Damaged Kernel:                             0.5% Max
Chalky Grains:                                 6% Max
Red Stripped Kernel:                      0.5% Max
Yellow Kernel:                                   0.5% Max
Moisture Content:                           14.5% Max
Other Grains:                                   0.20% Max
Paddy Grains:                                   5 grains/kg
Glutinous Kernel:                             0.3% Max
Average whole kernel Length:       6.2-7.0 mm
Milling:                                               Well Milled and double Polished
Origin:                                                Vietnam & Thailand
Inspection:                                         SGS or any other third Party Inspection Company for Weight and Quality as per Buyer’s requirement.

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