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Rice Season, Exports,and Cost in India

Rice is the most important cereal food crop of India. It occupies about 23.3% of gross cropped area of the country and plays vital role in the national food grain supply. Rice contributes 43% of total food grain production of the country. It is the staple food of more than 60% of the world's population. India ranks second in rice production next to China. The top 10 rice producing states in India is mentioned in below map.

Rice growing season in India

There are three rice seasons in India

Autumn Rice- Pre-Kharif rice: May to August (sowing) - September to October (harvest)

  • The time of sowing differs among states due to variation in weather condition and rainfall pattern.

  • Autumn rice crop is known as 'Aus' in West Bengal, 'Ahu' in Assam, 'Beali' in Orissa, 'Bhadai' in Bihar, 'Virippu' in Kerala and 'Kuruvai/kar/ Sornavari' in Tamil Nadu.

Winter Rice- Kharif rice: June to July (sowing) - November to December (Harvest)

  • This is the main rice growing season in India

  • Winter rice is known as 'Aman' in West Bengal, 'Sali' in Assam, 'Sarrad' in Orissa, 'Agahani' in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, 'Sarava' in Andhra Pradesh, 'Mundakan' in Kerala and 'Samba/Thaladi' in Tamil Nadu. About 84% of the country's rice crop is grown in this season.

Summer Rice - Rabi rice: November to February (sowing) - March to June (Harvest)

  • It is known as 'Boro' in Assam and West Bengal, 'Dalua'in Orissa, 'Dalwa' in Andhra Pradesh, 'Punja' in Kerala and 'Navarai' in Tamil Nadu and 'Garma' in Bihar.

Exports of Rice from India

India had the highest export volume of rice worldwide, at 15.5 million metric tons as of 2020/2021. Vietnam was the second largest rice exporter, with about 6.4 million metric tons of rice worldwide in that year. India exports IR 64 broken rice, Sona Masoori, Ponni and Basmati Rice across the world.

Quantity of rice exported and Price of Rice in India

The Price of the rice depends on demand and supply. The other factors affecting the global supply price are floods, draught, fuel cost, man power cost, subsidies from Govt., cost of fertilizers, seeds, irrigation cost etc.

Rice available with us for Export

India exports IR 64 broken rice, Sona Masoori, Ponni and Basmati Rice across the world.

Specifications of Rice

Broken percentage: 5%, 25%, 100% maximum

Moisture: 14% max.

Damaged /discolored/green: 2 % max

Black/black tip: 0.50 % max

Immature grains: 0.50 % max

Red/red streak: 2 % max

Foreign materials including paddy: NIL

Average length of whole kernel: 6mm Min

How to buy Broken Rice from reliable supplier form India?

We are one among the genuine end supplier of IR 64 Rice, Broken Rice, Sona Masoori Rice, Basmati Rice from India. Our procurement will be directly from the farmers from the major cultivation regions of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh etc.

We take export and domestic order of 260MT (10 x 20' FCL) to 25,000MT per month (vessel load).

Payment term: 100% Non Transferable DLC at sight issued/confirmed by prime 25 western Bank.

We share samples to genuine buyer upon request.

Buyers can email the LOI to or Watsapp: +91-7010225247 for the price quote.

Apart for Rice, we supply Sugar (ICUMSA 100, ICUMSA 600-1200-Raw sugar), Wheat, Maize and sugarcane molasses from India.


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