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Sugar Season, Cultivation, Production, Exports and Imports in India and Brazil

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

History of Sugar

“Sugar” the word thought to derived from Sanskrit शर्करा (śarkarā), which means “ground or candied sugar”. It is believed that Sugar was produced form Sugarcane plants in Northern India around First Century CE. The modern refinery was first built by Dutch in 1840 in Bihar. Modern day Sugar is produced from Sugarcane and from Sugar Beet around the world.

Types of Sugar

There are seven grades of Sugar in India, which are S30, S31, SS31 (S231), M30, M31, L30 and L31 based on the size and color of sugar granules.

Crystal size of S30, M30 and L30 Sugar
Comparison photos of of SS31 sugar, S30 and M30 Sugar

What is ICUMSA 45 Sugar?

International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) is an international standards body, founded in 1897, that publishes detailed laboratory procedures for the analysis of sugar. Based on the analysis results, sugar can be classified as Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45, ICUMSA 100, ICUMSA 150 , ICUMSA 250 and Raw Sugar ICUMSA 600-1200. Lesser the ICUMSA unit, the whiter the sugar is.

Difference between ICUMSA 45 Sugar, ICUMSA 150 and ICUMSA 600-1200

Sugar Season in Brazil, India and Thailand

The sugar cultivation season around the world varies based on the climatic and geographic factors. The sugar cultivation season of Brazil, India and Thailand is given below.

Sugar Season in Brazil, India and Thailand

Top 5 Sugar Producers in the world

India is the leading producer of sugar next to Brazil. The top 5 sugar producers are Brazil, India, European Union, Thailand and China. Among these European Union produces Beet Sugar and incidentally they are the largest producer of Beet Sugar in the world.

Top 5 Sugar Producing Countries in the World

Top Sugar Consuming Countries

India Consumes more sugar and next is EU next is China followed by USA. The 60 year data of sugar consumption is shown here. Since India is consuming more, it exports less.

Top Sugar Consuming Countries in the World

International Sugar Trade

Sugar is one of the most sought commodity around the world with international trade volume of 60+million MT per year.

1. Exports of Sugar

The top countries exporting sugar are Brazil, India, Thailand, and Australia. Among these Brazil is the largest exporter of the Sugar. Thailand and India will be second and third largest exporter.

2. Imports of Sugar

China is one of the largest producer of sugar, but their consumption is also more, so they import more sugar. Indonesia and China import more volume of Sugar. The imports will be in the form of Raw and Refined Sugar.

Top Importers of Brazil and Indian Sugar

Comparison of Sugar trade in Brazil, India and Thailand

The comparison of domestic consumption, raw sugar, and refined sugar exports from India, Brazil and Thailand for the year 2021 is shown here. Although India and Brazil produces large quantities of Sugar, India exports approximately 17% because of higher domestic consumption. However, Brazil exports more around 85% of their production. In that 60% corresponds to Raw Sugar and 24% of Refined Sugar. China, Indonesia and Bangladesh mostly import Raw Sugar.

Domestic Consumption, Raw Sugar Exports, Refined Sugar Exports from Brazil, India and Thailand

Price of Sugar in India and Brazil & Ethanol Blending Program

The price of Sugar depends on Supply & Demand. As on date, for the 2022 Sugar Season, Brazil sugar production is affected and also the Futures Price is high when compared with past 3 years. The Indian Sugar Export Policy 2021-2022 is expected soon and depending on the export subsidy policy of Govt., of India. Because of these reasons, there may be a good demand for Indian Sugar globally. The Govt., of India also pushing for the ethanol blending program, and therefore, excess sugar will be diverted for Ethanol Production, and this make the Indian Sugar Price Stable in the Global Market.

How to Buy Indian Sugar

The Sugar Season in India is approaching, we are open for Spot and Yearly Contract for the Supply/Export of Sugar. We at Viya's Group supply and export Indian Sugar (ICUMSA <100, ICUMSA 600-1200) from Sugar Refineries of Maharastra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh states of India. We supply in MOQ of 10 FCL (260MT) up to 12,500 MT per Shipment.

Our Payment Terms:

30% advance and rest on Irrevocable, Non Transferable Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) payable at Sight from Beneficiary Cargo Owner (BCO) issued or confirmed by Prime Western Bank. Advance Bank Guarantee can be provided for the Advance Paid.

For Price Quote, Send the signed and sealed LOI to (or) contact +91-7010225247 (Watsapp).

We also supply Rice (IR 64 - 100% Broken, 5% and 25%), 1121 Basmati Rice, Milling Wheat, Sugarcane Molasses, and Maize from India.

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