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Todays USA and Indian Wheat Price data Analysis 

Daily Wheat Price in USA and India, Exports Price, Export feasibility Prices and analysis 

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Wheat is one of the main food grain in India. Since wheat is rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, it is becoming staple food for millions of people across the world. Because of continuous research and practice, the productivity of wheat have increased multitudes from 663 kg/hectare in 1947 to 3464 kg/hectare in 2021. Wheat is commonly cultivated in the northern part of India including the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan etc. Wheat is a major Rabi Crop in India, which is sown in November once the monsoon is over and cultivated in April/May.

Production of Wheat in India (2009-2022*)

The production data for the year 2022 is from the second estimate, Govt., of India.


Area Sown for Wheat in India (2009-2022*)


Wheat Yield per year in India (2009-2022*)


Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Wheat in India (2009-2022*)

Minimum Support Price of Wheat in India: Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) consider these Terms of Reference (ToR) to fix the MSP of crops.

1) demand and supply;
2) cost of production;
3) price trends in the market, both domestic and international;
4) inter-crop price parity;
5) terms of trade between agriculture and non-agriculture;
6) a minimum of 50 percent as the margin over cost of production; and
7) likely implications of MSP on consumers of that product.


Wheat Stocks in India (2015-2022*)

Wheat Season-FCI Procurement.png

Food Corporation of India (FCI) keep Operational stock for meeting monthly TPDS and OWS & Strategic stock of Wheat to meet the short fall in production or natural calamities for the quarter. FCI Procure during the harvest season and keep stocks. The chart represents the opening stock on the first day of the month. The investors invest during the sowing season and keep the stocks. April is the right time to enter into yearly contract for the export of Wheat from India. If you want to purchase Indian Wheat for exports, contact / +91-7010225247. 


Top Wheat Producing States in India (2019-20)


Top Importers of Wheat from India (2020-21)

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