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Bushels to Kilogram and Pound Converter

Bushels to kg/lbs Calculator- USD/bushel to USD/MT Converter

Bushel Basket Viyas Group

Bushel (bsh. or bu.) is the volumetric measurement unit followed for more than 100 years till date for grains.

Back then, measuring per unit mass of quantity was difficult, but people had baskets of equal volume, so they used the same basket to measure the different grains. 

As we know that different grains/materials have different density, so even if they are measured in same bushel basket  their mass will be obviously different. 

The bushel unit is still in practice, and most of the grain index will be quoted in USD/bu. units. So we have developed a simple calculator to convert Bushels to Kilograms and Pounds for some of the grains including Wheat, Soybeans, Maize/Corn, Sorghum, Barley and Oats. 

We have also developed another calculator which can convert the USD/bushels to USD per MT (USD/MT) for the ease of trading conversion for the commodities such as Wheat, Peas, Maize, Soybeans, Barley, Oats Rye, Flax Seed, Canola, Mustard and Canary Seeds.

Genuine Grain and Sugar Exporters in India

We are one among the listed wheat, Rice, Maize and Sugar suppliers/ exporters in India. We have the Suppliablity for export and domestic of 25,000MT per month. If you need grains and sugar, you are in the right place, Contact / +91-7010225247 for a price quote.

Apart from Wheat, we supply Rice, Sugar, and Maize. Our manufacturers are GACC approved facilities eligible to export to China. Our manufacturers are also registered with FDA, HACCP and ISO certified.

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