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GACC approved Rice Mill

About Rice Manufacturing Process

Raw paddy is not suitable for human consumption. To produce rice, it must be processed properly. The removal of barns and hulls from paddy grains during the rice milling process results in polished rice. The primary processed product derived from paddy is rice, which is then further processed to provide a variety of secondary and tertiary items. In our mills, we follow every steps as per the standards so that every grain will be useful and special.

Process of Rice Manufacturing

Rice mill Processes.png

Steps in Rice Processing

Our family rice manufacturing units has the capacity to supply 20,000 MT per month. The main processes in the manufacturing of rice is explained below. 



The amount of unnecessary moisture present in the paddy is reduced by exposing it to controlled temperatures and slow drying methods. We process the rice with the utmost care, making sure that none of the delicate parts break. In order to maintain the hygiene and the natural aroma, we take all necessary precautions to prevent bacterial infection, fermentation, or fungal infection.




Parboiling is the process of subjecting rice grains to steam in order to remove the Hull and Barn layer. Even though it seems like a fairly simple technique, if ordinary water is used for steaming, the flavor and aroma will be lost. 




The Milling is the very last and final step of the entire process. The seed grains are subjected to a variety of sophisticated devices in this process, including paddy separators, dehuskers, graders, precision sizers, destoners, and pre-cleaners. Our goal is to give you rice that is of the highest quality, well-refined, nourishing, and aromatic. 


Our rice mill and warehouses were ISO, APEDA, FSSAI, GACC and HACCP certified, and we follow the standards to produce quality rice for our customers.

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Rice Manufacturing Unit

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Rice Mill Certifications


Our manufacturing unit is registered with GACC - General Administration of Customs China as per decree 248 and 249 of China Customs, which is effecting from January 2022. We are authorized to export Sugar, Rice, Wheat and Maize to China. We are a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code holder from the System for Award Management (SAM), USA Government. Which can be verified from SAM.GOV. 
Contact / +91-7010225247 for more information and export inquires.
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