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Shark - It is the super Hi-efficiency series of solar panels manufactured by Loom Solar. Shark Bi-facial is a solar panel that produces power from the front and backside. The guaranteed generation is 440 watts at STC while Bi-facial technology has the tendency to produce 20% more power.

If Shark Bifacial Solar Panel is installed on a surface that is reflecting in nature, such as grass, RCC roof, White paint and Installed on a height of 1.5 meters from the ground may result in 7-20% additional generation.

SHARK solar panels are made of Pure Mono Perc solar technology in love with Germany. It comes with 144 Solar cells a, 9 Bus bar which makes it one of the world's most advanced technological products.

Bi-Facial Solar Panel, 440 - 530 Watt, 144 Cells, 9 Bus Bar

  • Output Power


    440 - 530 Watts

    Operating Voltage

    24 Volt

    Panel Technology


    Mono PERC Bifacial

    Manufacturer warranty

    5 years on Manufacturing defects

    Performance Warranty

    25 Years

    Additional Features

    PID FreeMonocrystalline Solar Cell

    Cell Conversion efficiency

    > 16%

    Compliance to IEC standards


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